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Residential Injection Foam Insulation

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Whether your home was built in the 1800’s, 1980’s, or even the 2000’s – there’s a huge possibility it has inadequate insulation. According to Builder Online, up to 90% of US homes are under-insulated.

The good news? We can help with injection foam insulation!

Injectable foam insulation is perfect for existing homes that are not up to today’s energy standards. Our insulation process might seem new, but our product has actually been around for over 35 years! Think of injection foam as an alternative to spray foam insulation that can be installed in almost any type of wall. 

What is Injection Foam Insulation?

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Foam insulation is a mixture of special resins and foaming agents that provides both thermal and acoustic insulation. Once the raw materials are properly mixed, they transform into a “shaving cream” consistency that is pushed inside of any wall cavity with compressed air. Unlike other foam insulation products, our foam is non-toxic and safe to handle.

Foam Insulation Seals “Drafty” Areas

Injection foam insulation moves through walls, filling any crevices, nooks, and crannies it finds! Our insulation contractors do all of this work from the outside of your home, without disturbing any interior walls. Shortly after being injected, the foam solidifies and creates a well-sealed envelope around your home.

Injection foam insulation is an eco-friendly and energy efficient choice.

The type of foam insulation we use is one of the safest and longest lasting products on the market for insulation. Additionally, our insulation will not compress or settle over time like other types of insulation, such as cellulose.

How Do I Know My Home Needs Upgraded Insulation?

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If a home is inadequately insulated, you will notice that the home still feels drafty and cold in the winter and doesn’t keep cool in the summer. Even with modern heating and cooling methods – you can waste a lot of money on trying to keep a home that lacks insulation comfortable for your family.

Stop Heating or Cooling the Whole Neighborhood by Upgrading to Foam Insulation 

Injection foam insulation offers a unique solution to increasing your comfort and decreasing  your energy bills. Instead of having to open up or disturb the drywall on the inside of your home, foam insulation can be injected into the walls from the exterior with little to no disturbance to the curb appeal of your home or your activities of daily living.


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What is the injection foam insulation process?

Insulating Homes With Vinyl Siding

With vinyl siding, the siding is unsealed and holes are drilled underneath. Next, we use special pumps and compressed air to inject the insulation through these small holes, filling the wall cavity completely. Lastly, once the insulation is injected, we reseal the open areas with your existing siding. There will be no lasting disruption to the outside of your home.

Insulating Homes With Brick or Stone

With brick and masonry block structures, we drill small holes in the mortar joints to access your wall cavities. After the insulation work is complete,  we patch the holes with mortar that is mixed to match the existing exterior. 

Insulating Homes With Wood Or Aluminum Siding

Homes with wood siding, aluminum siding, and stucco are patched with special plugs.
We bring all of our equipment to your home and conduct all of our work outside! Our product is environmentally friendly with no toxic off-gassing.
You can go about your daily life with little to no disruptions while your home is being insulated. 

What Can Injection Foam Insulation Do For You?

Cut down on your heating and cooling costs

 Most customers recoup their investment in insulation within 3-4 years. With heating and cooling costs rising every year, the savings from having a well-insulated home are growing more and more important.

Reduce Drafts and Air Infiltration

Traditional insulation like fiberglass and cellulose allow for air infiltration, causing your home to feel "drafty." Foam insulation can solve this problem and increase your overall comfort in your home. Foam insulation fills every crevice, and the structure allows for maximum "R" value in your wall cavity.

Reach Optimum Thermal Resistance

The average uninsulated wall has an "R" value of 3-5. A wall insulated with fiberglass insulation has an "R" value of 13-16. A wall insulated with injection foam insulation has an "R" value of 23+. Does your home already have fiberglass or cellulose insulation?  The good news is, your home can benefit from injection foam insulation on top of the existing insulation, increasing the overall "R" value! 

Earn Tax Credits

The IRS added many eco-friendly home improvement upgrades to their list of tax credits for 2023 and beyond. Upgrading your home insulation can qualify you for a tax credit of 30% of the cost, up to $1200.

No Large Remodel Necessary

With our process, you don't need to tear apart walls to upgrade your insulation. We can conduct our work from the outside through very small holes drilled in the exterior of your home. Our process is quick and does not affect your ability to live in your home.

Add Value To Your Home

Thinking of buying or selling in the future? Don't let your home's insulation be the reason it sits on the market. Homebuyers are looking for upgraded insulation to be more energy efficient and eco-conscious. Our product adds value to your home and is a great selling point for new buyers.

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