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Injection Foam Masonry Insulation

Bluegrass Foam Insulation specializes in top-tier masonry insulation in Kentucky, focusing on enhancing energy efficiency and structural integrity. Our cutting-edge injection foam insulation is designed to provide a significant increase in R-value, outperforming alternatives like loose-fill insulation. Utilizing advanced technology, our insulation services deliver superior thermal performance for masonry applications, making it an efficient choice for both new construction and retrofitting existing structures.

Beyond masonry insulation, our foam proves versatile by excelling in fireproofing stairwells and elevator shafts, boasting a 4-hour, class I fire rating. Rigorous testing also confirms its prowess as an acoustic insulator, making it an ideal choice for creating quiet and comfortable spaces.

Serving the entirety of Kentucky, including key locations like Louisville and Lexington, Bluegrass Foam Insulation operates from a central location in Harrodsburg. Our efficient and reliable insulation solutions cater to both new builds and existing commercial structures.

For unmatched expertise and advanced technology in masonry insulation, trust Bluegrass Foam Insulation. Our injection foam insulation possesses properties such as optimal R-value, fire resistance, and acoustic performance. Opt for injection foam masonry insulation to elevate your buildings to new heights in the Bluegrass State.


High R-value Masonry Insulation

Foamed-in-place insulation provides an R value of up to 4.9/inch in concrete masonry unit walls. Injection foam insulation can be completed as soon as the block is laid. Our timing is flexible and our footprint minimal – keeping you on schedule, and allowing other trades to continue work.  


Fireproofing for Stairwells and Elevator Shafts

Our injection foam insulation has a 4 hour, class I fire-rating. It can be used as fireproofing insulation in walls, elevator shafts, stairwells, and more. 


Acoustic Insulation

Where soundproofing matters, our foam insulation performs. Our foamed-in-place insulation has undergone extensive acoustic testing and can be used in both block walls or framed wall cavities for soundproofing in commercial buildings, schools, government buildings, and more. 

Injection Foam Masonry Insulation vs. Pour-in Vermiculite

Foamed-in-place is preferred by contractors, masons, and engineers alike for CMU walls when compared to loose fill insulation. 

Interested in more information on the differences between loose fill insulation and foam-in-place insulation? Check out this article from the Mason Contractors Association of America. 


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Injection Foam Masonry Insulation vs. Spray Foam Insulation

Foamed-in-place insulation has definite advantages over spray foam insulation for commercial applications.

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