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Louisville is our state’s largest city and we are happy to provide foam insulation services to residences and businesses in Louisville and surrounding areas. Louisville is experiencing huge amounts of growth and currently ranks third in a report from naming the top 10 markets of 2023.

One of our favorite aspects of Louisville, Kentucky are the many beautiful historic homes dotted throughout the city. From grand Victorian homes to adorable craftsman bungalows, there are charming places to live all over town. Additionally, Louisville has seen huge growth in new builds – especially in suburban areas. 

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With a busy housing market for both new and existing homes, it is important to evaluate if your biggest investment has what it needs to keep you comfortable and maintain its value over time. We feel passionately about helping Louisville residents retrofit their homes with foam insulation. It is not uncommon to find that, while beautiful and timeless, historic homes often lack adequate insulation to maintain today’s living standards. Surprisingly, up to 90% of US homes are currently under-insulated. Additionally, even newer homes can sometimes be built with inferior building materials that may not offer the best energy efficiency and cost benefit in the long-term. This is especially true as we see energy prices rising across our state of Kentucky and the United States as a whole. Many people will spend thousands on upgrading their HVAC systems – but never think twice about how much air is escaping through subpar insulation! Air infiltration can account for 30-50% of overall energy usage in the average home. Injection foam insulation is an excellent solution that can help seal gaps and reduce drafts/air infiltration in your home. 

Green Insulation | Louisville, KY

We know that green living is important to Louisville residents. According to, Louisville contains 4 of Kentucky’s 10 greenest neighborhoods! Improving your home insulation is hugely important for the green initiative by helping significantly decrease the energy useage required to keep your home comfortable. Additionally, the IRS recognizes foam insulation as one of many eco-friendly home improvements that can help save energy over time! Call us and we can discuss the tax credits available to those who upgrade their insulation in 2023.

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We provide free estimates throughout Louisville and surrounding areas. If you’re curious about how injection foam insulation works, please check out our FAQ or contact us to discuss your project!
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