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Lexington, Kentucky and is one of the largest cities that Bluegrass Foam Insulation serves. Lexington has a booming economy with great schools, and is often listed as one of the best places in the US to live and retire. We love the proximity to the culture and activities Lexington provides, including access to great restaurants, art, family attractions, nightlife, and more!

Upgrade or Install New Insulation | Lexington, KY

Lexington, KY boasts a large amount of new homes being built, as well as many historic homes in its fifteen historic districts.
Regardless of the age of the home, our goal is to improve the life of Lexington, KY residents with enhanced insulation services. According to Builder Online, up to 90% of US homes are under-insulated. Additionally, we know that many people in the Lexington area are concerned about green living and rising energy costs. Without disturbing the aesthetic of the construction, we can add value and improve energy efficiency of almost any home. Injection foam insulation is excellent at sealing gaps, reducing air infiltration, and drafts – which account for 30-50% of your energy usage. With our insulation services, Lexington residents can keep their homes comfortable while decreasing overall energy usage and saving money on their monthly bills!

Insulation Requirements | Lexington, KY

In the Bluegrass Region, the weather can be extreme at times. We deal with long and hot summers, as well as severe cold snaps in the winter. This means that most consumers in our region of Kentucky are running the AC for several months and turning up the heat in the winter to remain comfortable. We know that with our weather patterns, we can go from wearing a t-shirt to pipes freezing within one day! In this varied climate, is very important to maintain a well-insulated home, which can help prevent large fluctuations in heating and cooling costs throughout the year, not just in winter. Insulation helps you stop constantly reaching for your thermostat and promotes a more stable home temperature.

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