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Bluegrass Foam Insulation | Kentucky

Injection Foam Insulation For Block Walls

One of the primary uses for injection foam is to insulate masonry block. With our commercial insulation services in Kentucky, we can provide a significant increase in R-value with our product versus no insulation or loose-fill insulation. Used for years in big box stores as masonry insulation, our injection foam insulation can fill any enclosed cavity. 

Additionally, another important application for our foam insulation are fireproofing stairwells and elevator shafts, as well as providing ideal acoustic insulation where indicated. THERMCO® foam has a 4-hour, class I fire rating and has undergone rigorous acoustic testing. We can insulate both new builds and existing commercial buildings. 

We provide commercial insulation services in Kentucky

Our service area includes the state of Kentucky and surrounding areas. We are centrally located in Harrodsburg and travel to Louisville, Lexington, and more!


Insulation for CMU Construction

THERMCO®  foamed-in-place insulation provides an R value of 4.7/inch at 35 degrees F in concrete masonry unit walls. Injection foam insulation can be completed as soon as the block is laid. Our timing is flexible and our footprint minimal – keeping you on schedule, and allowing other trades to continue work.  


Fireproofing for Stairwells and Elevator Shafts

Our injection foam insulation has a 4 hour, class I fire-rating. It can be used as fireproofing insulation in walls, elevator shafts, stairwells, and more. 


Acoustic Insulation

Where soundproofing matters, our foam insulation performs. THERMCO®  foamed-in-place insulation has undergone extensive acoustic testing and can be used in both block walls or framed wall cavities for soundproofing in commercial buildings, schools, government buildings, and more. 

Injection Foam Insulation vs. Pour-in Vermiculite

Foamed-in-place is preferred by contractors, masons, and engineers alike for CMU walls when compared to loose fill insulation. 

Interested in more information on the differences between loose fill insulation and foam-in-place insulation? Check out this article from the Mason Contractors Association of America. 

Injection Foam Insulation vs. Spray Foam Insulation

Foamed-in-place insulation has definite advantages over spray foam insulation for commercial applications.

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