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Discover the difference with our injection foam insulation! Perfect for homes and businesses, our solution boosts energy efficiency, trims heating and cooling costs, reduces noise, and enhances overall comfort. Ideal for existing homes, our hassle-free process is conducted from outside, leaving your interior undisturbed. We're a local, 100% veteran-owned company, proudly serving Central Kentucky. Make your space more efficient and comfortable with our quick and effective insulation services.

Family Business

We are a family owned and operated business. Working together as a team, our goal is to provide you with the best customer service possible! We are passionate about helping homeowners improve their homes, save money, and experience enhanced comfort.

Veteran Owned

Proudly 100% Veteran owned and operated, we ensure quality with owner supervision on all our work. In appreciation, don't forget to ask about our exclusive military and veteran discount!


Based in Harrodsburg, KY, we're your local solution. We may not be a big name, but as a dedicated small business, meeting your needs is our top priority.

Meet Our Team

Meet Glen, the dedicated owner and operator of Bluegrass Foam Insulation, LLC. Passionate about educating people on the advantages of a well-insulated home, Glen aspires to be a trusted contractor delivering quality services to both homeowners and commercial entities.

Hailing from a family legacy of insulation contractors in Pittsburgh, PA, Glen’s roots in the industry run deep. His grandfather initiated the family business post-WWII, sparking a lineage of insulation expertise. After contributing his skills to the foam insulation sector, Glen answered the call to serve in the Army. Following years of military service and travel, he chose Harrodsburg, KY, as his family’s home.

Drawing from his past experiences with injection foam insulation, Glen decided to establish the business in his new community. He firmly believes in the effectiveness and value that injection foam insulation brings to both residential and commercial spaces. With a background in insulation, operations management, and leadership, Glen oversees and personally conducts all work completed by Bluegrass Foam Insulation.

Excited to collaborate with homeowners and commercial entities across the commonwealth, Glen is committed to bringing comfort and efficiency to your space.

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Meet Ashley, the partner in office management for Bluegrass Foam Insulation alongside Glen. Ashley is your go-to person for any questions about the injection foam insulation process or to determine if your project aligns with our services.

Ashley takes pride in assisting with scheduling estimates, handling billing, and more. She efficiently manages online bill pay, document signing, and various administrative tasks. With a background in nursing, Ashley brings a caring and positive attitude to customer service. Her ultimate goal is to streamline and enhance the experience for our customers, making the process as enjoyable as possible.

Driven by her love for people, Ashley finds joy in helping clients achieve a more comfortable life in their homes. As a dynamic duo, Ashley and Glen not only thrive as a team in business but also in their personal lives. Together, they cherish their roles as parents to four children and caretakers of a farm full of animals!

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Bluegrass Foam Insulation

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