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If you’re wondering what injection foam insulation is and why you might need it, you’ve come to the right place.

What is injection foam insulation?

Unlike other methods of upgrading insulation, injection foam is quickly and easily installed without causing a huge disturbance to your life. With our process, there is no need to tear off drywall/plaster or open up large holes inside. Injection foam insulation is installed through small holes in the exterior of the home, generally underneath the existing siding. Our foam insulation is a mixture of aqueous resin and foaming agent that turn from liquids to foam when combined. The consistency of the foam is thick and looks just like white shaving cream. Using pressure from compressed air, the foam can be injected into nearly any wall cavity, where it fills the wall and seals cracks and crevices. The foam sets into a solid very quickly, enhancing the home’s thermal envelope and defending against air infiltration.

Injection foam insulation allows homeowners to benefit from the latest insulation technology without sacrificing the aesthetic of the home. Additionally, the product we use is safe and has no toxic off-gassing. This means you can continue life as usual while we insulate your home! The whole process generally takes 1-2 days of work to complete, depending on the size of the home.

Why would anyone need to install foam insulation?


Our type of injection foam insulation can be used in many different applications. One of the most common uses is retrofitting older homes that need upgraded insulation. According to an article on Builder Online, approximately 90% of US homes are under-insulated (Goodman, 2015). This is especially true if you consider today’s modern heating and cooling systems and how they differ from the methods of the past. In 2023, we like to keep our homes at a consistent temperature year-round regardless of outside temperatures. Insulation is so important for maintaining the comfortable homeostasis that you crave in your home. It is common for homeowners to spend thousands on improving HVAC, but never think twice about how much heat or cold is escaping through their walls.

In our experience, there are many homes that have no insulation at all. This means we drill through your exterior wall and there is nothing between the drywall and the outside. Often, the homeowner discovers this while remodeling. With very old homes you might find bits of old newspaper inside the wall cavities, or they may have even used organic materials like corn husks! Of course, these materials break down overtime, turning to dust in the wall cavity.
Slightly newer homes may have had products like fiberglass or cellulose installed. The problem with fiberglass and cellulose is they can shift, move, or compress in the wall cavity. Although popular, fiberglass batts are actually often installed poorly, and even if installed properly, they do not provide the best resistance to airflow (Gibson, 2004). Additionally, fiberglass can provide the perfect place for rodents to nest and mold to grow if it gets wet.
For more information, check out this
article on fiberglass from Green Building Advisor.
Injection foam insulation is one of the best ways to reduce drafts and stop air infiltration (Larusso, 2022).

A recent post on Angi also highlighted the many overall benefits of injection foam such as:
1. Reducing environmental noise
2. Enhancing air quality
3. Slowing the spread of fire/smoke
4. Forming a mold-resistant moisture barrier
5. Saving money on heating and cooling
6. Enhancing overall comfort
(Larusso, 2022).

One drawback of injection foam? It is not a DIY project. We love to do things ourselves whenever possible, but this is just one of those times where you’ll have to hire a professional. We have a lot of specialized equipment that is just not available or reasonable for the general public to acquire or learn how to use (Larusso, 2022).

The good news? We travel throughout the state of Kentucky and bring our equipment to you. We are a local company that is family owned and operated. We love working with homeowners to help them achieve a more comfortable home.

The first step is to schedule an estimate.

Working together, we can come up with a plan of action that can improve your quality of life and save you money over time!



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